Packed Open Dialogue Event shows HPC industry interest

06 Sep 2017

On 6 September, the Open Dialogue Event held in Brussels brought the majority of HPC vendors together with small and medium companies (SMEs) and leading European HPC centres for the first time. The event was held to inform attendees about the procedure for a joint Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) in Europe.

The event gave 16 different companies the opportunity to learn more about the objectives and process of the PPI, as well as about the particular needs of each partner. The topics included the procurement process, the technical requirements (with detailed requirements for each single lot), and future steps. All participants had the chance to ask questions and provide feedback about the process. Further information can be found on the PPI4HPC website.

Following this initial meeting, the next step is to hold one-to-one meetings with HPC vendors and SMEs in order to find HPC solutions for the European partners. During these individual meetings, the vendors and the partners will discuss the procurement in more detail.