Fifteen HPC companies and SMEs join PPI4HPC one-to-one meetings

06 Oct 2017

Following the Open Dialogue Event in September, the next step was to hold one-to-one meetings with vendors in order to investigate HPC solutions for the supercomputing centres in the PPI4HPC project. The project partners have now held 15 one-to-one meetings with major HPC companies including various SMEs. These sessions, which took place on 28-29 September in Milan and on 4-6 October in Barcelona, were open to any interested supplier providing HPC solutions. The aim was to have in-depth technical discussions, and vendors also had the opportunity to outline future HPC solutions potentially able to fulfil the needs of the PPI4HPC partners.

The next step will be to organise a legal teleconference with vendors which will take place on Monday, 9 October 2017. During this teleconference, legal points set out in the Open Dialogue Event and the one-to-one meetings will be discussed.

PPI4HPC will continue it’s market consultation process until mid of October 16. Further feedback can be given and questions can be asked.