EAFIP Webinar Evaluation and Testing: Tools and Methodologies

14 Jul 2022
Place: Online

The PPI4HPC is at EAFIP Webinar Evaluation and Testing: Tools and Methodologies. Dirk Pleiter gives a presentation about Testing tools and methodologies in HPC, which takes place on Thursday, 14 July at 10:20 - 1045 CEST. The attendees have the opportunity to know the good practices and main achievements reached in the context of the PPI4HPC project.

In the frame of the PPI4HPC, the webinar is followed by an open discussion with questions and answers. The purpose of the webinar is to discuss good practices regarding evaluation and testing tools and methodologies in the context of Innovation Procurement. The webinar address European public buyers, suppliers and policy makers.

Here you have more information about the event:

  •  If you register here to the EAFIP webiste, you will be able to download in PDF format all presentations of the event 
  • The recording video is also available here