PPI4HPC included in the latest iProcureNet report

05 Mar 2021

PPI4HPC and its public procurement process were highlighted in the latest report produced by the iProcureNet project: "Joint cross-border public procurement in Europe: Analysis of the iProcureNet survey and case studies", published in February 2021.

The report summarises the results of a survey that iProcureNet conducted in 2020 among European public procurers in order to learn more about existing cross-border joint public procurement initiatives throughout Europe and identify lessons to be learnt and pitfalls to be avoided. The survey concerned all sectors of procurement, as good practices from one sector can provide insightful resources for another.

Among the data gathered from 14 different countries and projects, PPI4HPC was selected to provide information on its public tender as well as advantages and disadvantages of cross-border joint public procurement. PPI4HPC's Whitepaper "Lessons learned on legal aspects", published in September 2020, was also highlighted in the report as a useful source of recommendations deriving from lessons learned by the PPI4HPC partners for any future joint European procurements.

The full iProcureNet report can be found here.

About iProcureNet

iProcureNet is a 5-year project running from May 2019 to April 2024 and funded by the European Commission. The project aims to create an ecosystem of procurers, prescribers, legal advisors and other key stakeholders of security procurement, to share procurement trends and needs, and open pathways for innovation in procurement and joint procurement across EU member states. In an innovative three-cycle process, iProcureNet will map the European procurement environment, compare national investment strategies, identify innovation needs, and analyse security markets.